OPERATION CRIME & JUSTICE | Baltimore violence goes back generations

    CRIME & JUSTICE | Baltimore violence goes back generations

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Every year, more than half a billion dollars is spent in the City of Baltimore on public safety, but Baltimore still has one of the highest crime rates in the United States.

    That’s why FOX45 News is launching Operation: Crime & Justice, a long-term investigation that goes beyond the news of the day to uncover why public safety continues to be threatened year after year.

    There are a lot of statistics that are used to describe crime in Baltimore but every crime, every criminal, and every victim leaves a mark on dozens of people.

    For many people, the violence goes back generations.

    Amoni Grossman is one of the more than one thousand people to be murdered in Baltimore since the arrest of Freddie Gray.

    Since 2015, Baltimore has faced a record homicide rate per capita.

    Amoni had big plans for the future, but those hopes and dreams died in September 2016.

    His childhood in Baltimore exposed him to violence that would forever haunt him.

    For Amoni’s mother, this is the third generation of a loved one she’s buried.

    Latresa Scaff’s brother was gunned down in 2003, her father in 1981 and now Amoni in 2016.

    Throughout his lifetime, Amoni struggled with cutting ties with childhood friends.

    Latresa described the negative influence those friends had on her son.

    One of the two men convicted in Amoni’s murder was a childhood friend he first met while living in East Baltimore.

    At Amoni’s gravesite, his mother sobs as she whispers a prayer just feet from where her oldest son is now buried.

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