New Details on Past Crime of Teen Accused of Killing Cop

    New Details on Past Crime of Teen Accused of Killing Cop

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Three days from the new year of 2018, a woman returns to a restaurant parking lot to find her Chrysler minivan, missing. This is one of the new details Operation: Crime and Justice has found relating to a crime committed by Dawnta Harris. Harris is charged with the first degree murder of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio.

    Hours after the minivan went missing, police respond to a car accident less than a mile away. The stolen minivan crashed into a parked car. Police say the sleeping driver behind the wheel was 15-year old Dawnta Harris.

    In March, court records show Harris was found guilty of the theft in juvenile court. He never showed up for his sentencing.

    He was arrested, placed in detention, and then released about a month later.

    Eight days after his release, a black Jeep Wrangler goes missing from a house near Patterson Park. Those responsible entered a home by pushing in an air conditioner in a second story window. Once inside, the burglars found the Jeep keys and escaped with two televisions and an Ipad.

    The new details of these crimes come from police reports obtained from Operation: Crime and Justice.

    The same Jeep that went missing from Southeast Baltimore, fatally hit Officer Amy Caprio three days after it was stolen.

    Harris’ attorney says his client acted out of fear to the officer who had her gun drawn.

    “The worst you could say is he dealt with minor offenses, juvenile court, but that doesn’t make him a cold-blooded killer,” Harris’ attorney, Warren Brown, says in the teen’s defense.

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