The Story of Baltimore’s 1000th Murder Victim

    The Story of Baltimore’s 1000th Murder Victim, and What His Father says is a Court’s Deadl

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Operation Crime and Justice searched for the story of the 1,000th person murdered in Baltimore since the beginning of 2015.

    During our search, we uncovered the story of Daniel Mullhausen’s alleged killer: he was serving a thirty day jail sentence when the murder took place.

    In July 2017, Bryan Hannah was charged with assaulting a police officer. Attorneys in his case cut a deal: Out of the original two-year sentence, Hannah would serve thirty days in prison.

    Hannah was concerned he would lose his job if he served the 30 days at once. He asked Judge Michael Studdard if he could do his sentence on weekends.

    “Sir, I’m not a fan of weekends. Because inevitably, something happens, and people get kicked off of weekends,” Studdard said in response to Hannah’s request.

    Despite his apprehension, and Hannah’s previous conviction on attempted murder, Studdard granted Hannah’s request for weekend jail.

    On a Tuesday, the day after Christmas, Daniel Mullhausen was suspected of buying drugs in Baltimore, when he was shot and killed in his SUV.

    In early January, Bryan Hannah was charged with his murder.

    Hannah’s attorney, Mark Van Bavel, says Hannah is innocent.

    “[Prosecutors] don’t have any evidence against him whatsoever,” Van Bavel said of the murder case.

    Mullhausen’s father, John, says Hannah should not have been free from jail.

    “Why was this guy who caused this horrific crime still walking the streets?" Mullhausen asked.

    If Hannah served all thirty days at once, he would have still been out of jail when Mullhausen was murdered. If Hannah’s sentence stayed at two years, and had not been shortened, he’d be in prison today.

    Hannah’s murder trial is set to begin May 14.

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