FLESH-EATING BACTERIA | 'He wasn't expected to live'

Baltimore County's Danny Benner lost his limbs to flesh-eating bacteria

NOTTINGHAM, Md. (WBFF) - A lot can change in one year. But for one Baltimore County man, it only took a few days.

FOX45's Joy Lambert spoke with one man whose life changed in an instant.

January 2017 was a dream come true for Danny Benner - taking the mound for Orioles Dream Week in Florida.

But for the first time in Benner's life, whether he'll ever throw a ball again is a question.

Just two months after Dream Week, Benner's nightmare began.

"I was sweating, shaking, and my left arm was hurting bad," said Benner.

Judith Benner said: "It's a fast-acting infection that mimics the flu. And I didn't think anything of it until it got that bad, that he was delirious."

Benner contracted necrotizing faciuitus, a rare strep infection that comes in through cuts in the skin.

Within days, his whole life changed.

"I lost both legs and my left side and my right hand due to the infection and procedures they had to do," he said.

Miraculously, Benner survived, but not without a physical and emotional toll.

"It's a terrible feeling to be afraid to see your own kid, but I was, because...I couldn't see him in shock trauma. So, it was two months that I didn't see my kid. And then seeing him without any legs or hands or anything, so, seeing him, I was scared, and he was a little standoffish," said Benner.

Thanks to friends, family and work, the family hasn't had to worry about anything except getting stronger together.

With prosthetic legs, he's learned to walk. Now he's looking for another miracle.

"I'd like to get a hand or a left arm, something to get me into the workforce. I have a wonderful employer willing to take me back as soon as these things happen. And I just want to get back to a normal life," said Benner.

Benner still has his sights set on another Dream Week, but a new hand could make his biggest dream come true.

"I want to get back so much to be out on the field with my kid, baseball coach for my kid," he said.

The Benners have a GoFundMe page to help get Daniel a new hand and arm.

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