All charges dropped for fifth officer accused in Freddie Gray case; all trials dropped

Pre-trial motions begin for fifth officer accused in Freddie Gray case (Courtesy of Baltimore City Police)

BALTIMORE (WBFF) – All further trials in the Freddie Gray case have been dropped.

The development was announced Wednesday morning during pre-trial motions for the fifth officer charged in the case. Soon after the hearing began,the announcement was delivered that all charges had been dropped against Officer Garrett Miller. Moments later, it was announced that all further trials in the Gray case were also dropped; Alicia White was scheduled for trial in October and William Porter was set to be re-tried in September.

Miller faced assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment charges following the in-custody death of Gray in April 2015.

Prior to all cases being dropped the State’s Attorney had failed to secure a single conviction against any of the Baltimore City Police officers charged.

Officers Caesar Goodson and Edward Nero and Lt. Brian Rice each chose bench trials were all acquitted of all charges. Officer Porter’s trial ended with a hung jury.

Six prosecutors with the State’s Attorney’s Officer had been subpoenaed to testify at Wednesday’s special hearing ahead of Miller’s trial. That’s because in one of the other officers’ trials, Miller had testified against his colleagues and was told his testimony would not be used against him in his own trial. A new ‘clean’ team of two prosecutors was set to try Miller’s case.

However, a recently unsealed motion filed by the defense claimed that evidence was tainted because the new prosecutors had previously discussed the case with the former prosecutors.

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who prosecuted the case, spoke at press conference in downtown Baltimore late Wednesday morning. She had been under a gag order during the trials.

During the press conference Mosby said she and her team stood by the medical examiner's decision to rule Gray's death a homicide.

"We do not believe Freddie Gray killed himself," she said.

According to Baltimore Police spokesperson T.J. Smith, pay for the officers will be restored and they will be on administrative duties while an administrative review is conducted by the Montgomery County Police Department -- with the assistance of the Howard County Police Department.

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