A Question of Responsibility for Corrupt Cops

A Question of Responsibility for Corrupt Cops

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- For the first time, Baltimore City denied it is fiscally responsible for corrupt cops, in a lawsuit against Gun Trace Task Force officers.

The court filing comes in the lawsuit brought by Ivan Potts. In April 2015, Potts was arrested by officers Maurice Ward, Wayne Jenkins, and Evodio Hendrix, future members of the Gun Trace Task Force.

The suit alleges Potts was “slammed to the ground,” and “when no contraband was found, and with Mr. Potts obviously bleeding and injured, the officers attempted to incriminate Mr. Potts by planting false evidence [a gun] on him.”

Potts’ attorney, Paul Zukerberg, is asking for at least two million dollars in the suit.

“The city has to own up and take responsibility. And, only if the city takes responsibility and the police department takes responsibility, will we have positive change,” Zukerberg said to Fox45.

In response to the lawsuit, City Solicitor Andre Davis says the department, and city taxpayers, should not be on the hook for any verdict against GTTF officers.

“With malice, pursuing their own interests, they were not acting as police officers for Baltimore City,” Davis said.

Zukerberg says the officers’ corrupt behavior grew out of department policies and a lack of oversight.

“And had the Baltimore Police Department, and the State’s Attorney, taken action immediately, Mr. Potts and hundreds of other people, would not have been falsely arrested and fraudulently prosecuted,” Zukerberg said.

Potts was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to eight years in prison.

He was released sixteen months into his sentence, when the first indictment of GTTF officers was announced last March.

A judge has not yet decided on the city’s request in Potts’ lawsuit.

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