BPD TRIAL | Witness says corrupt officers gave him 'entire pharmacy' of drugs to sell

Former bail bondsman Donald Stepp (center) leaves court after testifying in the corruption trial of two Baltimore police officers

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - FOX45's Crime & Justice reporter Joy Lepola heard shocking new details in the corruption trial of two Baltimore police officers.

A new witness, bail bondsman Donald Stepp, revealed the inner workings of the Gun Trace Task Force.

Stepp testified about how he couldn't even fathom the amount of drugs he received from the squad sergeant over the years.

The drugs were taken during the robbery the officers are accused of committing.

Deborah Katz Levi, of the public defender's office, wondered how deep the corruption goes.

"Where does it stop? How many people's convictions are called into question for these officers' brazen and really egregious and horrible criminal conduct?" she asked.

"It's so deep and so thorough and so brazen, we just think that the numbers are in the thousands," she said.

Stepp also talked about two trash bags with medication in them that were seized during the post-Freddie Gray riots.

They were being given to Stepp to sell.

Stepp said he had an entire pharmacy in those bags.

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