FILE: Family of Man Killed by Police Settles with City

    FILE: Family of Man Killed by Police Settles with City

    BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- FILE (May 20, 2013)

    It was March 2009, when Officer Jemell Rayam opened fire in a northwest Baltimore alley. His target...Shawn Cannady.

    A fatal shooting the department argued was justified.

    Police Spokesman, "Our officers target the most violent offenders in the city's most violent neighborhoods and they were engaged in going after bad guys with guns and bad guys with guns fight back."

    But this was the third time officer rayam had shot a suspect over an 18 month period. And that outraged the n-double a c p.

    Doc Cheatham, the head of the Baltimore NAACP said, "Three shootings in such a short period of time you know has to wave a flag."

    Cannady's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

    A legal matter the city agreed to settle last week for a hundred thousand dollars.

    In the city's explanation it states:

    "Because of the factual issues and legal concerns including whether the officer's actions were reasonable to justify deadly force under the circumstances and given the uncertainties and unpredictability of jury verdicts, the parties propose to settle this matter..."

    Attorney Steve Silverman who represented Cannady's family members can only say "The family is satisfied with the settlement."

    It's against department policy to comment on litigation.

    Police did say that officer Rayam is still on the city's payroll and the street making arrests.

    Outside City Hall Councilman Brandon Scott was asked at what point does an officer become too much of a liability?

    Scott said, "I don't think you can put a number on it. I think it's something you have to look at on a case by case basis."

    Scott says training has to be considered when looking at the actions taken by an officer.

    He'd like to see officers using a less lethal form of policing that involves the use of tasers.

    The hope being to avoid the use of deadly force as we saw in the case of Shawn Cannady.

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