GTTF officer alleges slain detective stole money

Momodu Gondo, left, and Sean Suiter. (Baltimore Police Department; AP)

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A corrupt former Baltimore City Police officer testified Monday that he stole money alongside slain Baltimore City Homicide Detective Sean Suiter.

In federal court, Momodu Gondo testified he stole money with Suiter when they worked together back in 2008 and 2009. He said that money would be split with other officers.

Suiter was shot and killed in November, the day before he was set to testify to a federal grand jury about Sgt. Wayne Jenkins. Jenkins would eventually lead the Gun Trace Task Force with Gondo as a member.

The case in which Suiter was scheduled to testify related to allegations of evidence planting. Umar Burley and Brent Matthews say they were chased by officers, starting the chain reaction to a fatal crash back in 2010. The two men also claimed that drugs were planted in the car.

Jenkins plead guilty in the case.

Baltimore City Police Spokesman, Chief TJ Smith Issued this statement to FOX45:

The Baltimore Police Department is monitoring the testimony. We have detectives embedded with the FBI Corruption Task Force and they are continuing to work this investigation jointly. These are the same investigators who have worked side by side with the FBI from the onset of this investigation that resulted in the arrest of several active officers last March.

Commissioner-Designate Daryl DeSousa has formed a Corruption Investigation Unit that will be led by a Lieutenant Colonel. The unit will specifically focus on the actions of the Gun Trace Task Force.

We will continue to work with the FBI in reference to the claims made by the various defendants’ testimony.

The allegations and actions disturbing, unacceptable, and criminal. We are working diligently to investigate and hold those who tarnished the badge and violated public trust accountable for their actions. The citizens deserve better and the hardworking honorable men and women of this agency deserve better.

Tariq Edwards separated from the agency in September of 2012.

Kenneth Ivory is active assigned to the Southern District.

Jason Giordano is assigned to the Citywide Robbery Unit.

Ryan Guinn is assigned to the Professional Development and Training Academy.

Thomas Wilson is assigned to administrative duties at the Western District.

Sean Suiter's killing remains unsolved.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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