GUILTY| Officers Await Sentencing

GUILTY| Officers Await Sentencing

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Officers Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor are awaiting sentencing after a jury finds them guilty in the federal racketeering trial against them.

Testimony in the case revealed, for years, officers robbed people as they policed the streets and covered it all up. Six other officers have also pleaded guilty.

Commissioner-Designate Darryl De Sousa says he wants to weed out corruption at the Police Department, a new corruption unit is now in place with new standards now set for the department.

De Sousa knows the corruption trial of Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor is an ugly stain for the department.

The guilty verdicts for both men followed quickly by a response from De Sousa, who issued a statement which reads in part, "In the case of Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor, the Baltimore Police Department will move to terminate their employment with the agency."

The officers have been suspended without pay since they were indicted last march.

As for the possibility of more indictments, the acting U.S. Attorney would not say.

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