NEW TRIAL DENIED| GTTF Officer sentenced to 18 years

    NEW TRIAL DENIED| GTTF Officer to be Sentenced

    BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Daniel Hersl has been sentenced to 18 years in federal prison for corruption committed as part of the disbanded Gun Trace Task Force.

    The former Baltimore City Police Officer was denied his request for a new trial Friday.

    Daniel Hersl's attorney argued before a federal judge a prosecution witness lied about his background of drug dealing and gun possession and that U-S Atty’s office knew of allegations, or should have known.

    “It’s all nonsense and he knows it,” prosecutor Leo Wise says in response to defense allegation. The Judge said the motion must show that the prosecution had evidence and failed to disclose. The Judge said it didn’t therefore that motion was denied.

    Hersl was the longest serving police officer in GTTF. Prosecution says Hersl was brazen enough to rob people on his own before joining GTTF.

    This story will be updated.

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