2 STUDENTS ARRESTED| 5 pepper sprayed after fight

    BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Two students have been charged and five evaluated by paramedics after pepper spray was released by a student at Woodlawn High School.

    Baltimore County Police say the incident happened after a fight broke out before 9am.

    The school's principal said the pepper spray was released in one of the school's trailers. She said in a statement to parents that students followed protocol and immediately evacuated.

    Dear Parents and Guardians of Woodlawn High School:

    I am writing to inform you about an incident that occurred June 12, 2018 here at Woodlawn HS. During transitions from 1st to 2nd period, it was determined that pepper spray was released in the trailer by a student.

    Following BCPS protocol and procedures, the building was immediately evacuated. Baltimore County Police and Fire officials reported to the school, identified the substance and later deemed the building safe for students to return, resuming the normal school day.

    We were very proud of our children as they exited the building quickly and quietly, just as we have practiced. Additionally, we continue to tell our students when they see something to say something and as a result of their vigilance we were able to identify the responsible student. As a result of our investigation, we believe that the release of the pepper spray was not intended to harm or threaten anyone. However, possession of such an item is a serious offense, and the school will take appropriate action regarding this incident.

    We want parents to be reassured that our students' safety is our greatest interest. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions. Thank you for your continued support of our students and of Woodlawn High School.

    Sincerely yours,

    Georgina Aye, Woodlawn High School Principal

    Police say two of the affected students were taken to a hospital for treatment.

    The injuries are not life-threatening.

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