A MOTHER'S PLEA | Begging an attempted-murder suspect to turn himself in

A MOTHER'S PLEA | Begging an attempted-murder suspect to turn himself in

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The search is on for Baltimore man accused of shooting his child’s mother in the face. Demetrious Thompson, 23, is wanted for attempted murder and his mother is pleading with him to turn himself into police.

Charmaine Thompson was surrounded by her family Tuesday evening when she revealed a tearful, passionate plea to her son.

“I need you to do this for me, listen to me, listen to me Demetrius, please turn yourself in,“ said Thompson.

Investigator say Demetrious Thompson shot a woman in the face at about 6 a.m, June 8. She survived. Police say the woman was walking down Light Street when the suspect approached her, pulled a gun and opened fire.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Thompson’s mother. She also said her son has not reached out to her.

Thompson says the victim is her sons two-year-old son’s mother. She calls it a family tragedy on both sides.

“It’s so hurtful, so much pain, pain for her, because she did not deserve this,“ said Thompson.

Meanwhile, the search for the suspect and if he’s reading this story, his mother’s message: “Look at me son, look at me, look at the hurt in my face. Please come and turn yourself into any police,“ said Thompson.

The family says Thompson has no history of gun violence but now he’s wanted for attempted murder.

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