Baltimore County officer charged with unlawful contact with 16-year-old


A Baltimore County Police officer is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl. Police arrested Detective Nicholas Bonsall, 40, in Pennsylvania last month. Now, the charges have surfaced.

In a small community of townhomes on a little street in York County, Pennsylvania, the serious allegations against Bonsall have caused a huge scandal.

“He would hope that the police get to him before I would,” said one woman.

Bonsall lives in Spring Grove where he’s accused of several felony crimes, related to an alleged sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl. According to the police report, on one occasion, Bonsall had sex with the girl at his home, while his wife was away and his son was upstairs.

"He has a wife and children. He's not thinking of them, he's thinking of himself. If he's sick, then he knows he's sick and he needs to get help. There's no excuse for it," said neighbor Cheryl Brunner.

Investigators in York County say the relationship started last summer with contact through Facebook and Snapchat. Police say they started exchanging nude photos of each other when the girl was 15-years-old. The relationship came to light when the girl’s friend alerted investigators.

"Her friend told me first and then she came to me," said this woman who talked to Fox45, but does not want to be identified. "She's showed me messages from him and explained in grave detail what's happened. I try to help her," she said.

We tried talking to Bonsall, but our knocks at his front door went unanswered.

"He's a full grown man. He's suppose to serve our country and protect us and here he is, for a long time, messing with a little girl," said the woman who wants to remain anonymous.

Bonsall remains free on $75,000 bail. He’s currently suspended without pay during the investigation.

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