Former Safe Streets employee admits to using office for gang meetings, storing drugs, guns


    A former employee of Baltimore's Safe Street program pleaded guilty to federal charges including authorizing murders, on Monday.

    Officials say, Ricky Evans admitted to storing guns and drugs at the Safe Streets office along Monument Street in East Baltimore.

    The Safe Streets program is designed to use people with criminal histories to convince others not to turn to a life of crime.

    The U. S. Attorney's office says, Evans also admitted to holding meetings of the Black Guerilla Family Gang at the office.

    Evans further admitted that during the period of the conspiracy, he was an employee of Safe Streets, a Baltimore-based anti-violence initiative. Evans worked at the Safe Streets office in the 2300 block of Monument Street in East Baltimore, and used that Safe Streets office to hold BGF meetings, to store and distribute drugs, and to store, and allow to be stored firearms used in other crimes

    Officials say Evans was a high-ranking member of the BGF which is involved in criminal activity including murder, robbery, extortion, drug trafficking, obstruction of justice, and witness intimidation.

    As detailed in Evans’ plea agreement, Evans operated a murder-for-hire scheme during the time of the conspiracy, accepting payments to have violence committed against individuals, then taking other BGF members to commit those acts.

    The city's health department oversees the Safe Streets program and the department's former director defended the program after Evans' arrest.

    Evans is set to be sentenced in February.

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