HELP FIND | Thieves stole 2 cars from Catonsville area

HELP FIND | Thieves stole 2 cars from Catonsville area

CATONSVILLE, Md. (WBFF) - Police are looking for suspects who stole two cars in the Catonsville area, including one from an elementary-school parking lot while the car's owner was inside at a school play.

Baltimore County police said the suspects are believed to originally have stolen a Jeep Liberty from the parking lot of Security Square Mall on Feb. 2, according to a news release Tuesday.

On Feb. 16, one of the suspects stole a Dodge Caravan from the parking lot of Westowne Elementary School on Harlem Lane in Catonsville.

The car's owner "was inside at his son's school play," said police.

The suspects discarded the Jeep Liberty shortly after stealing the Caravan, said police.

The suspects may also be responsible for burglaries and local thefts of dirt bikes and ATVs, said police.

Surveillance video shows one of the suspects in a drive-thru window.

Anyone with information on this suspect or the thefts of these vehicles is asked to contact police at 410-307-2020.

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