'INVESTIGATE TRUMP' | Baltimore rally is one of many nationwide

    'INVESTIGATE TRUMP' | Baltimore rally is one of many nationwide

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The latest turn of events in Washington, D.C., has ignited protests across the country, including here in Baltimore.

    FOX45's Jeff Abell attended a rally where the protesters accuse President Trump of "crossing the red line" with this latest round of action.

    They came to the plaza outside City Hall in an effort to correct it.

    A crowd of protesters made their position clear, chanting "Investigate Trump!"

    They're angry over Wednesday's resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, fearing it's part of a plan to dismantle the ongoing Trump-Russia probe by the Justice Department.

    Baltimore had several such protests, joining many others throughout the country.

    In downtown Baltimore, Democratic politicians, fresh from Election Day victories, promised a new round of action.

    Protesters also shut down streets in Chicago tonight and rallied outside Trump Tower in New York.

    Organizers estimated about 500,000 people took part nationwide.

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