Lawyers Make Case for Guilt or Innocence of Keith Davis Jr.

    Lawyers Make Case for Guilt or Innocence of Keith Davis Jr.

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Prosecutors point to Keith Davis Jr. as a killer. The defense says he was set up by police.

    A jury will decide Davis’s future, as his trial begins in the murder of Kevin Jones.

    Jones, a Pimlico security guard, was shot 11 times just before dawn in June 2015.

    Hours later, police chase Keith Davis, Jr. They see a gun in Davis’ hand as he runs from them.

    Davis enters an auto garage where he surrenders, only after being shot by police in the face and back.

    Fingerprint evidence from the gun held by Davis links him to the murder weapon used to kill Jones.

    In the trial’s opening statements, that’s how prosecutors see this case. The defense sees it differently.

    “I honestly don’t know how to talk to you about this case,” Davis’ attorney Natalie Finegar said as she addressed the jury in opening statements.

    Davis never used the gun found on him in the garage. Police panicked during the first police involved shooting after Freddie Gray’s in custody death in April 2015. In the process, police broke their own rules in conducting the investigation.

    The jury will decide which version of events is correct. The case is expected to last through the week.

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