Parent says his daughter was assaulted by teacher in SW Baltimore

Parent says his daughter was assaulted by teacher in SW Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The parent of a Baltimore City student is seeking more answers after he says his daughter was assaulted by a teacher.

FOX45's John Rydell reports the alleged assault happened at a school in southwest Baltimore.

Keith Phillips is still disturbed by what he says happened to his 9-year-old daughter Sha'Naya. He says she was assaulted by her teacher in the cafeteria.

There is very little information from school administrators about what really happened.

"The vice-principal tells me that the teacher grabbed my daughter by her arm, shook her up by her chest, threw her down by the stage and punched her twice," said Phillips.

He said she "sustained contusions to her cheekbone. It's swollen and bruised, and also the vision in her eyes is a lot blurry."

Phillips says he was told by school police that the incident was captured on a security camera, but when he requested to see that video, he was denied.

"So, I can't see my child's video, where she's getting abused, but if I came here and abused a teacher or abused any student, people could come and see the video," he said.

Phillips filed a report with Baltimore Police Department and he says his daughter was interviewed by Child Protective Services.

As for the teacher accused of assaulting the girl, Phillips said: "She should pretty much be fired."

In a brief statement, a city schools spokeswoman says the district office has been made aware of the issue and the alleged incident is now under investigation.

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