Parents blast Baltimore school leaders at Tuesday meeting

Parents blast Baltimore school leaders at Tuesday meeting

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore city school leaders are facing public criticism, after a fiery and at times, furious, vocal moments from parents. They raised their voices at Baltimore City School Headquarters in east Baltimore Tuesday night.

It was a heated meeting over cold classrooms with parents outraged with the system's CEO and board commissioners under fire.

"You tell me you care! I don't believe it because I've been here before the heating issue," screamed one parent at commissioners in a packed board room.

Several parents lodged loaded comments toward commissioners and Dr. Sonja Santelises, the school system's CEO.

At one point, the crowd refused to listen to school officials, they talked over them and wouldn't allow them to be heard.

"All we ask that you do is just allow us to speak. And then you can have your commentary, you can do your shout outs, but at least allow us the opportunity to communicate," said Santelises.

One parent fired back. "Stop it! All these (expletive) excuses," she screamed.

It was a public outcry on the cold school crisis at the school board's first meeting since several days of a deep-freeze gripped the city.

Schools have closed because of busted pipes, broken boilers or flooded classrooms.

Monday, eight schools were closed. That's down from the 60 schools with heating problems last Wednesday.

At Tuesday night's board meeting, Mike Pesa, a teacher at Patterson High said students and teachers deserve better.

"There was a room that was 37 degrees at my school and students were expected to stay in class all day. You can't learn in those conditions and it needs to change," said Pesa.

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