Prosecutors silent on leak in police corruption case

Prosecutors silent on leak in police corruption case

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A former Baltimore police sergeant pleads guilty to corruption, and says he was tipped off to investigations into the squad he led.

Prosecutors won’t say if they are investigating the leak, as police are conducting “several administrative investigations.”

Wayne Jenkins once led the Baltimore Police Department’s (BPD) Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF). In 2016, as Jenkins and other GTTF officers were honored in a police newsletter for its gun arrests, the FBI investigated the unit for corruption. Jenkins found out.

In Jenkins guilty plea, he admits fellow police officers tipped him off to a federal wiretap of another GTTF member. An assistant prosecutor with the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office told him about the investigation into another GTTF cop.

FOX45’s Crime and Justice Team asked the State’s Attorney about the investigation into this leak. Chief of Communications Melba Saunders referred us to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the federal prosecutors handling the case against GTTF. That office declined to comment.

Defense Attorney Ivan Bates represented victims of the Gun Trace Task Force. He is also running for State’s Attorney. He talked about the possible leak from city prosecutors and its impact.

“How can they have a prosecutor who is violating the law prosecute other individuals? After a while, the community will no longer believe in what’s happening within the system,” Bates said. He says if the State’s Attorney's Office can’t investigate the leak, it should hand the case off to another agency.

Unlike prosecutors, police did release a statement into possible leaks within BPD:

“We are conducting several administrative investigations related to the federal indictment of the members of the Gun Trace Task Force and additional officers.”

In a court filing, prosecutors allege another leak from BPD: A detective in Internal Affairs tipped off Officer Marcus Taylor to the federal investigation.

Taylor has pled not guilty in the case, and is expected to go to trial January 22.

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