St. Frances| "Angered and hurt by the insinuation that we don’t share the same values"


BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- St. Frances Academy has responded after another Catholic School announces they won't play the team in football in the MIAA next season.

Wednesday, Mount Saint Joseph Football said they decided not to play St. Frances citing player safety. Their Coach Rich Holzer said "After much deliberation , there is significant agreement that St. Frances has moved their program to a level that we are not interested in competing at or with."

Thursday, Calvert Hall made the same announcement calling it, "The best decision for our players, our program and our school."

The Principal of St Frances Academy posted a lengthy response on facebook Thursday saying that the recent statements "exposed a rift in the Baltimore community that many of us know exists, but few of us are willing to address. My community was angered and hurt by the insinuation that we don’t share the same values as other members. This is particularly harmful coming from other Catholic schools."

Deacon Curtis Turner followed, "The Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association is comprised of schools that are big and small, religious and secular, old and new. It’s strength is in its diversity. With the exception of our social-economic demographic, we resemble any other private school in Baltimore. But it is that difference that is driving the current dynamic in the league."

Turner wrote.,"It should be noted that Saint Frances Academy is the oldest Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. If anything, historically, we should be credited with setting the standard by which a Catholic school in Baltimore should be measured. Instead, these nefarious elements seek to destroy rather than build. They seek to divide rather than unify. In fact, it is our uniqueness that makes us a great fit for the league and an asset to the City of Baltimore. We are deeply saddened that others will not see that."

Calvert Hall joins Loyola Blakefield and Mount Saint Joseph's in deciding not to play St. Frances next season. There are seven schools in the MIAA "A" conference.

This is a developing story.

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