VIRAL VIDEO | Attorney says teachers can fight back

VIRAL VIDEO | Attorney says teachers can fight back

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The student was caught on camera punching a teacher at a Baltimore City school. The shocking cell phone video is going viral. Now, an attorney is saying how teachers can fight back.

The violent attack happened Wednesday at Frederick Douglass High School in northwest Baltimore. The chemistry and biology teacher was assaulted just a few days after returning from medical leave after battling cancer.

She is among teachers who are under attack.

The confrontation inside a Baltimore classroom comes just days after a fight involving a teacher and student at a school near Los Angeles Friday.

In Baltimore, there's more concern and advice from prominent attorney, Warren Brown.

"In fact, when I saw [that video of the confrontation in Baltimore] I I couldn’t watch it again,” said Brown.

Brown is not involved with these cases. But he believes a teacher who’s attacked by a student can fight back without throwing a punch.

“You can file charges against that child. If it’s first-degree assault, which is an aggravated assault, and the child is 16 years or older, they are going to be charged as an adult,“ said Brown.

That could mean jail time for the student. But what happens if the student is charged as a juvenile?

"If the child is found to be delinquent, then the parent is on the hook for up to $10,000 in restitution,“ said Brown.

According to the American Psychological Association Task Force on Violence Directed Against Teachers, Baltimore school employees filed more than 300 injury claims related to student assaults in 2013.

FOX45 asked school officials for more recent data but did not receive it.

As to why more teachers don’t file criminal charges, Brown believes it’s because of administrators.

“When things happen, you don’t report them, you don’t go to the police, you keep it in-house. We don’t want our dirty laundry to air, publicly,“ said Brown.

The teacher’s mother told FOX45 Thursday night that her daughter does not intend to file criminal charges against the student. Instead, she said her daughter wants the student to get the help she needs.

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