Tennessee teen tries to rape friend's mom during sleepover, police say

Shelby County Sheriffs Office

A teenager was arrested for assaulting and attempting to rape his friend's mom in Arlington, Tenn. police say.

According to police, Jordan Corter, 18, was spending the night at a friend's house Sunday night when he tried to rape the mother after forcing himself into her bedroom, FOX 13 News reported.

It was reported in the affidavit that Corter forced the woman to the bed and proceeded to put his hands into her pajama bottoms. The event happened around 2:30 a.m. on Monday morning.

The victim was not injured other than a black eye from sticking herself in the face while trying to defend herself. She was able to knee Corter in the groin and grab a pistol, which she pointed at his face while she demanded him to get out.

Police were not notified about the event until Monday afternoon after the victim explained the situation to her boss at work.

Corter is now charged with sexual battery and criminal attempt rape, according to criminal complaint.

The suspect's step grandfather and neighbors spoke out about the incident, you can watch their reaction here.

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