Police investigating after fake Craigslist ad leads to looting

Police investigating after fake Craigslist ad leads to looting. (Photo credit: WGME)

GREENE, Maine (WGME) — Police are investigating a fake online ad inviting people to take belongings, from generators to fruit trees, from a private property in Maine.

Neighbors say they've seen cars lining up and down the street, and people have come on to the property to load items into their cars. Even the front door remains open where people have come inside to help themselves to whatever they want.

On September 25, a Craigslist ad was posted saying everything on the property was free for grabs. But the ad was a fraud and the owner of the property, George Stanley, has no idea who posted it.

"They said 'Your place has been busted open and people are walking away with stuff,’" Stanley said.

He believes thousands of dollars’ worth of items have been stolen.

"All the doors are busted wide open and they're even removing my 30 fruit trees I planted," Stanley said.

One woman who took items is apologetic after learning the truth.

"I wanted to apologize to the owner for taking the stuff without even knowing without knowing what the real story was," she said.

The ad has since been removed.

He hopes police can figure out who was responsible when he returns home.

"This should not be but it is,” Stanley said. “This is the kind of America we live in where people turn a blind eye."

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