U-Haul trailer missing out of Cortland Co. mysteriously returned 14 years later


    A missing U-Haul trailer has been returned 14 years later.

    The person who had it would be on the hook for more than $150,000 in fees, but the company said it is just happy to have it back.

    On its side is the slogan "America's Moving Adventure."

    However, where this trailer has been moving for over nearly a decade-and-a half remains a mystery.

    Mitchell Gosser works at a U-Haul office in Polkville, just outside Cortland.

    "When I opened it up, I'm like 'well that's not normal,'" Gosser said. "And then I was looking for the license plate and the license plate is gone too. So, I knew something was up."

    A couple of weeks ago, a 6' X 12' trailer was mysteriously dropped off at a U-Haul office in Syracuse and then taken to Cortland County, where it came from 14 years ago.

    "For 14 years, multiply that by $30 dollars a day. It would be about $153,000," Gosser said. "You have to add on the tax of course. So, that rounded up to about $165,000."

    A regional representative for U-Haul said they were recently looking for the trailer, then coincidentally, or not, it appeared.

    It was most likely dropped off in the darkness of night with no cameras to catch it.

    "I would honestly forget about it. After 14 years, that's really a long time. I think I would just keep it," Marissa Joya said.

    Other people that talked to CNYCentral wonder, why now?

    After 14 years of missing, it is the end of the road for the trailer.

    U-Haul will scrap the trailer in Syracuse.

    U-Haul does not plan on pressing charges.

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