City Schools Releases Investigation – That Can’t Be Read

City Schools Releases Investigation – That Can’t Be Read

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - New developments have surfaced in Project Baltimore’s ongoing lawsuit with Baltimore City Public Schools. North Avenue has handed over hundreds of documents. Though many are completely blacked out.

Last December, FOX45 sued City Schools to release public records related to allegations of grade changing at Northwood Appold Community Academy II, or NACA II.

Project Baltimore has spent 10 months and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to get those records to see how North Avenue investigated the allegations.

Days ago, City Schools released more than 300 pages from their internal investigation. But the most important information, including more than 100 pages of report cards and witness interview transcripts, were entirely redacted.

Project Baltimore first exposed grade changing allegations in August 2017 when teachers came forward saying students who failed required courses still graduated. But when North Avenue launched its internal investigation, it found the allegations were unsubstantiated. Fox45 wanted to know why, but City Schools wouldn’t hand over the report. So, Project Baltimore sued.

FOX45 showed the newly released documents to Lucy Dalglish, the Dean of the Journalism School at the University of Maryland.

“It’s telling me that they never took you seriously, at all. It’s telling me that there is obviously something here and they don’t want the public to know what it is. Period.” she said. “This happens around the country, usually not that flagrantly. It’s actually one for the record books. That’s pretty interesting.”

While most of the 300 pages in the report were redacted, one email that wasn’t raised some questions. The names of who sent and received the email are redacted. But the email reads, “I was overcome with sadness because (students) were given that Tuesday project that will be allowed to graduate, they never earned their diplomas. (They) came to class a few times all semester, but slept the whole time. These kids are skating through, being pushed out.”

Project Baltimore will stay on this story.

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