BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- FOX45 is partnering with Big Lots to "Share the Joy" this holiday season. We surprised another lucky woman with a 500 dollar shopping spree.

    What we didn't know, is that she would "Share the Joy" too!

    Vicki Varys was our lucky winner, she said she was on a fixed income and had her list ready. She had just one request... whatever she had leftover, she'd like to give to someone else.

    We followed Vicki around the story as she checked her list twice!

    As she checked out, the cashier told Vicki how excited she would've been if she was the winner and said she wasn't having Christmas because of a tight budget.

    Vicki decided right then and there to "Share the Joy" with the cashier, giving her the gift card with the remaining balance.

    You can "Share the Joy" this holiday season by nominating a woman who has made a positive impact in your community and she could win a $500 Big Lots Gift card for herself and another for a local charity of her choice. For more information, click here.

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