SHARE THE JOY| Helping Up Mission

SHARE THE JOY| Helping Up Mission

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- For the past month FOX45 and Big Lots have partnered up to Share the Joy with women in our community.

While we were Sharing the Joy, our viewers having been nominating women they feel have made a great contributions to our communities.

More than 300 nominations came in, Friday we will introduce you to our Share the Joy nominee, a woman who chose to Share the Joy with a charity of her choosing.

While this contest has been focused on women, our winner chose a charity that focuses solely on helping men..

Helping Up Mission is an organization for the past 19 years has been helping men, nearly 500 everyday fight the addiction of drugs and alcohol.

Three hundred men are currently living in recovery and working in a program that supports them 365 days and in every aspect of their life.

The charity works on a budget that mainly comes from private donations and your nominee just helped the mission by Sharing the Joy.

Make sure you tune in this Friday morning and meet the woman you feel deserves a little joy from Big Lots and FOX45.

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