Towson Lacrosse Embraces Its New Season

Courtesy Towson Athletics

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF)--- Every new season teams find an early theme to carry the program throughout the year. For the Towson men's lacrosse program in 2018 the Tigers are focusing on the embrace.

Embracing less than ideal weather conditions to start their season. The Tigers have practiced through sunshine, rain, snow and ice. Towson senior midfielder and co-captain Cole Robertson says the Tigers don't mind, "We embrace it. Coach instills in us no matter what the weather is like to come out and get the job done."

The Tigers will also be embracing a new roster that features 13 true freshmen and seven seniors. They've had an entire off season and some scrimmages to get ready for Saturday's season-opener at #11 Johns Hopkins, but #14 Towson is still raw and young at times according to head coach Shawn Nadelen. "We definitely have some things that we are trying to work through because of the lack of experience we have," Nadelen said. "I've been trying to get them to calm down a little bit and just tell them to, 'Hey play lacrosse.' Sometimes when you play, when trying to prove yourself, you play a little too tense and you're not just playing lacrosse."

Towson's roster this season also forces the Tigers to embrace change. Their two leaders on offense in points and goals, All-Americans Ryan Drenner and Joe Seider, graduated. Robertson says they will be missed, but the roster is full of offensive talent ready for their chance to step up in 2018. "Ryan (Drenner) and Joe (Seider) were awesome," Robertson said. "They really paved the way for us and show us how it's supposed to be done. I was really fortunate to get to play with them for three years. But there's really a lot of kids like myself that had to sit around and wait two years to get my opportunity."

Nadelen added, "We have to be able to turn the page a little bit and make it be about that 2018 team and what are we going to be able to be."

One page Nadelen hasn't been able to turn as he enters his seventh season leading Towson, last year's exit in the NCAA Tournament. Towson reached the semifinals for the first time since 2001 and lost to Ohio State 11-10.

Nadelen said, "I don't think i'm ever over it. You try to move past it, but it definitely always creeps back."

Towson's 2018 season starts on Saturday, February 10th at Johns Hopkins at 6 p.m. Six opponents on the Tigers' schedule are ranked in preseason polls.

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