A haven for needy animals in Sparrows Point

A haven for needy animals in Sparrows Point

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - When Mary Yost Jones opens her basement bedroom door, a fluffy light gray cat with one eye bright eye ducks under the bed.

“I call him ‘One-Eye Hagred,'” she says as she reaches for him.

He’s just one of the hundreds of cats Jones has rescued.

“He was left in the woods in Dundalk,” she said.

For seven years, Jones has been trapping feral cats, getting them neutered or spayed to help control the population.

Jones said she's become the go-to for community rescues in Sparrows Point.

“Sheep running down the street, a hawk down in someone's yard, a pig,” she said. “I’ve got ducks in the bathtub if you want to come see them.”

She walked into her bathroom: “They didn't last 24 hours after Easter. Someone had them in the 7-Eleven parking lot after Easter.”

Angela Orwig was one of several people who nominated Jones for Pay it Forward.

“Mary's amazing,” Orwig said. “She helps anyone who needs help, especially the ones people have forgotten, like the cats.”

That’s why FOX45 and the law firm, Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg and Katzenberg selected Jones as the winner of Pay it Forward.

“It's something I enjoy doing,” Jones said. “It makes me feel good and gives me a purpose that I’m making a difference.”

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