Virginia Task Force 1 to deploy to help with Hurricane Irma

Virginia Task Force One is deploying to Alabama ahead of Hurricane Irma. (Fairfax County Fire Department)

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WJLA) - Virginia Task Force One is set to deploy again Monday to assist with hurricane relief down South, this time ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Eighty members of the task force will go down as part of an Urban Search and Rescue team with FEMA before the arrival of what is currently a Category 5 hurricane.

The team will be deployed to Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama but says it expects it could also move to Florida later in the week.

The task force's K9 units are also prepping to deploy.

On Tuesday night, members of Virginia Task Force One from Fairfax County had just arrived home from water-ravaged Texas where they rescued 10 trapped residents from a hostile environment that remains hard to comprehend.

Task force members are being asked to be at headquarters in Chantilly by 7 a.m. with the goal of leaving by 10 a.m.

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